Weekend Adventures in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Weekend Adventures in Hershey, Pennsylvania

Over the last semester, Kyle has been in deep with the search for the next step in his career. Among the companies on his list, was The Hershey Company. We were ecstatic when he received a job offer and excited when the company wanted us […]

Our Favorite Must Explore Locations in Barcelona Spain

Our Favorite Must Explore Locations in Barcelona Spain

Our Thanksgiving European adventure didn’t end with our departure from Switzerland. It continued in Spain with a visit to some of our friends living just outside of Barcelona! Kyle and I met Brandon, Rachel, and their two kids when we were all living in Minnesota. […]

Four City Itinerary through Beautiful Switzerland

Four City Itinerary through Beautiful Switzerland

Last week we shared our favorite tricks and tips to travel while working with your current schedule. That post mentioned that a few years ago we had used our Thanksgiving break to visit Switzerland and Spain. In the ten days we were away, we were able to visit a handful of cities and packed in as much site seeing as we could. This made for a busy but wonderful trip for us. Below we have shared our travel log and itinerary for the first part of our exploration through beautiful Switzerland.

Somethings to note before you read… First, we planned to be moving around quite a bit during this trip. To do so, we purchased the Swiss Travel Pass. The price may seem expensive upfront, but ended up in our favor. The pass also allowed for flexible travel plans and admission to several locations were also included with the purchase of the pass. And second, knowing that we wouldn’t have a home base through most of the trip, we packed everything we needed into two personal item sized backpacks. It made for extremely lightweight travel which was appreciated because at the time I was in my first trimester of pregnancy with Rosalie. We will be posting about how and what we packed in a couple weeks.

Day 1 and 2: Traveling to and through Geneva

Except for a small hiccup during our transportation to the airport, everything went smoothly as we traveled from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Geneva, Switzerland. Neither of us slept much on the plane, but upon arrival in the morning, we didn’t want to trade sleep for exploring. The beauty of traveling in the off season allowed us to check into our room, freshen up, and repack what we needed for exploring, all while it was only mid-morning. While this may not always be the case, most hotels offer a baggage hold.




United Nations

The day was going by much too quickly, and we had to run to get to the United Nations complex for the last tour of the day. We made it with a minute to spare, and jumped right into our tour group. It was interesting to be led through the rooms and hear about the history of the UN, and certain world decisions that had been made there. The tour was completely worth it, and I would recommend it to everyone. The only unfortunate part of our tour is that we had been awake for close to 30 hours by that point and were completely exhausted. There were more than a few moments where we had to keep nudging each other to stay awake. Thankfully, the UN was our last stop for the day. That allowed us to get some dinner, a shower, and get some well needed sleep.

Day 3:  On the Road in Search of Castles

Around 3:00 am Kyle and I rolled over in bed wide awake, and neither of us could get back to sleep. At that point, we decided we might as well get a good start on our day. We got ready for the day, packed our backpacks, and headed to the station for the first train out of Geneva.

The train took us along the banks of a misty Lake Geneva. The sun was just starting to rise, revealing the snow capped mountains on the other side of the lake and vineyards and farms blanketing the hills. It was a beautiful view to take in while eating the pastries we had picked up at a patisserie the train station. About an hour into the train ride we got off at the colorful but still sleeping town of Montreux, then caught a bus just a walk down from the train station to take us almost the rest of the way to our destination.


Explorer Tip: If you are interested in visiting Chillon Castle, it is free with the Swiss Rail Pass (which we purchased because we were going to be on public transportation so often). To save money, you can also download an audio-guide app on your phone which costs much less than the audio-guide you would purchase there. Honestly, we liked it so much, we would have paid full price for everything just to visit, but it’s nice to know there are less expensive options.


We tried to time our trip back to the train station as best we could but ended up missing our train by about ten seconds because we went to the wrong side of the platform first. However, that turned out to be in our favor because Montreux had come alive and was bustling with people. It also allowed us to get our first taste of a European Christmas market. As we walked through the market, I munched on a banana and chocolate crepe and Kyle had vin chaude maison. This is a traditional Swiss dish that starts with pickles, onions, and boiled potatoes. Then a large wheel of cheese is placed under a heater. As soon as it gets bubbly and melted, it is scraped over the vegetables. Delicious!

Castle of Gruyeres

Making sure to leave enough time to get on our next train, we soon found ourselves riding up into the mountains to Gruyeres. We were on a quest to find another castle there, but were pleased to see such beautiful surroundings as we rose higher on the slopes. Not realizing there were multiple train stations near Gruyeres, we jumped off one stop too soon and ended up having to walk along the highway for about two miles. This gave us the first glimpse of the Castle of Gruyeres, standing proudly at the highest point in the valley.

By the time we hiked up to the Castle of Gruyeres, we had taken in the exterior and were ready to explore inside. This castle was owned by a series of Dukes starting in the 11th century, though much has been added on throughout the following centuries. We absolutely loved the faux-tapestry paintings in the dining hall, stained glass windows, and other relics that were displayed through the museum. I especially enjoyed learning the story of a group of female villagers who protected the castle from siege by lighting the horns of their goats on fire and set them running loose down the hill towards the attackers.

We had heard that any stop to the Castle of Gruyeres needed to be followed by a treat at Le Chalet. This quaint restaurant, located just next to the castle, housed many specialties, including framboises avec creme (raspberries with cream). The cream was so thick that it coated the raspberries and balanced out the tartness. It was so rich we could barely finish one helping between the two of us. But we couldn’t stay long. Night had fallen, and we needed to get to the next train station, which turned out to be only a half mile down the hill from the castle. From there, we rode a series of trains and a bus to make it to our next location, in Bern.

Even before we came on this trip, Switzerland held a special place in my heart. Many of my ancestors on my mother’s side are Swiss; mostly from Bern and Zurich. I knew that my visit to Bern would be a special time for me to connect to that part in my heritage, and was thrilled to explore where they may have walked and lived. Because of this, Kyle and I wanted to be able to see as much of the city as possible during the day we stayed there. We found the best way to do this was through a free walking tour.

We met on a corner near the train station for a 2 1/2 hour tour. According to our guide, records of settlements in this area date all the way back to 300 – 200 BC, however, 1191 AD is a more commonly known date of when a city first came into existence. The center of the development took place on a plateau in the peninsula of land shaped by the River Aare, thus creating a natural barrier on three sides of the city. The fourth side was protected by a wall to fortress the main city. Throughout the passing of time and expansion of the city, the wall was expanded further out from the peninsula. That area remained Old Bern, and the more recently developed land, New Bern.

My favorite part of the tour came near the end as we were approaching the archaic astronomical clock, which was once a part of the original Old Bern gate. Each hour the clock puts on a show; different parts of the clock rotate, a rooster sounds, and a bell is rung to mark the hour. Considering the technology of the 13th Century when this was built, by medieval standards, it is pretty astonishing. Kyle and I also got a good chuckle out of a centuries old tradition. Apparently, Bernese boys cannot call themselves a man unless they urinate on the side of the clock tower. This tradition continues today, but thankfully, there is now a urinal and a stall to prevent any indecency problems that would most certainly arise.

Feeling like we had gotten an excellent look at Bern, we stopped for an early dinner, then walked back to our hotel, picked up our packs, and then caught a series of buses and trains to take us to our next destination, Interlaken. We had just walked through a beautiful day, but what we didn’t know then is how much the next day was going to heighten our senses and love of Switzerland.


Day 5: Up to New Heights

We arrived at Hotel Rossli late at night, so when we woke up the next morning we were greeted by the charming streets of Interlaken and the towering Alps. Our plan was to get into the mountains, so we didn’t linger long. Soon we were on a train up into the canyon town of Lauterbrunnen. From there we caught a gondola and one final train to take us to the mountain town of Murren. All of these modes of transportation are included in the Swiss Travel Pass we mentioned above.


Murren was quiet and quaint in the off season, so we followed the yellow diamond signs with the word Wanderweg (translates to trail). For the next four hours, we wandered trail after trail. Some were steep and muddy, some covered in snow, but we didn’t mind either because we were in the most incredible looking mountains that we have ever seen. Click here to see more hiking trails in this area.

When we got hungry, we started on our way back down.  Along the way, we happened to walk through the part of the mountain filled with little farms and livestock. While we had been hiking, there always seemed to be cowbells tinkling in the distance, making the hills seem almost magical. At first we thought they were all the way down in the base of the canyon. As it turns out, the were just a short ways down our hiking trail. Even now, when I think of hiking there, my memory hears that echoing chime of bells in connection with the view.

After a quick lunch at Skyline Shop and Bar, which offered amazing views of the canyon, we headed back down the way we came up. On our way out, we stopped in Lauterbrunnen to visit the towering Trummelbach Falls before heading to the train station. Missing our train by a minute, with the next one not departing for another hour, we decided to take a little detour and take another train to up to and down from Wengen.  Though on the other side of the canyon, it was included with our Swiss Pass and we had time to kill, so we jumped on, merely to check out the scenery.


Back near our hotel, our evening plans included indulging in classic Swiss cheese fondu at Restaurant Chalet and a chocolate show at Schuh. Unfortunately, The downside of only using a backpack to carry your stuff means that you run out of clothes pretty quickly. We had planned it this way because we knew Hotel Rossli had a washer and dryer available. The rest of the night was spent washing and repacking. We didn’t mind, though. This day had definitely been the highlight of our trip, as as amazing as it had been, we were exhausted.


Day 6: A Gloomy Day Along the Lake

The next morning we woke up to the sound of rain, which meant our plans of going into the mountains again were not going to happen. Instead, we enjoyed a hearty breakfast at our hotel and then took to the streets of Interlaken and Unterseen. With the mist hovering just above the top of the buildings, it almost felt like we were walking through a fairy tale village. That is, until it started pouring rain.

At that point we decided to go on a quest. We had an address for my great great grandma’s house and we were hoping to find it before leaving the area. According to my phone, it was within a twenty minute train ride from Spiez, on the outskirts of Thun. We arrived in Thun, ready to go find it, but ended up going on a wild goose chase. The directions were faulty, leading us down a beautiful, but ultimately wrong route. In the end, we didn’t end up finding the house, but we did end up finding another castle, and enjoyed the tight winding streets and architecture of Thun. After a day of wandering and exploring, we welcomed the final relaxing train ride to our final Switzerland destination, Zurich.

Day 7: The Charm of Zurich

Zurich Christmas Market

It was our last day in Switzerland, and we were determined to soak in as much of the city as we could. Having heard so much about it, we couldn’t leave Zurich without visiting the famous Zurich Christmas Market. Located in the Zurich Main Station, it looked more like a small Christmas village rather than a center of transit. While there were treats in abundance, our favorite part was looking at the handiwork from craftsmen from all over Europe.

Zurich Free Walking Tour

Wanting to see as much of Zurich as possible, we set out on another free walking tour. Starting at Fraumunster Church, founded around 853 AD, we wound through the narrow streets to other sites like Grossmunster Cathedral, built in the 12th century, and Saint Peter Church, with the largest church clock in Europe. Among the famous landmarks were frescos and fountains, cobblestone streets and cafes with fur lined dining chairs. It was easy to get caught up in the charm and history.



Using Holiday Breaks to Pad your Travel

Using Holiday Breaks to Pad your Travel

We are already into November. Can you believe it? Before we know it some significant holidays will be here! There are many holidays that go on during the next three months, and I’m not discounting those, but I’m specifically talking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New […]

Road Trip with a Toddler Survival Tips

Road Trip with a Toddler Survival Tips

I’ll admit, survival does sound a bit melodramatic. However, those who have ever road tripped with a toddler know that they can be really good or really bad. Over the last 5 months, we have logged around 80 hours in the car with Rosalie as […]

Road Trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Road Trip to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

One of our favorite things to explore are National Parks. When we move to a new location or start researching a trip, one of the first things we do is to check out what National Parks are nearby. Upon moving to Indiana, we knew we would be within driving distance (6.5 hours) to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Naturally, that was put on the top of our Explore List, and plans for a trip began.

After some research, we decided to stay in Gaitlinburg, Tennessee, as it is located mere miles from the entrance of the park. It is also filled with things to do and places to eat in the evening when the it gets dark. To top it off, some of our closest friends, Troy, Jocelyn, and their two kids, recently moved to South Carolina. Which made meeting them in Gaitlinburg a great middle ground (almost). We love sharing our adventures with friends, especially when one of their children is the same age as Rosalie.

This trip took place during Kyle’s Fall Break, which also allowed us to swing into South Carolina for a couple of days. Most of our time there was spent enjoying quality time with Troy and Jocelyn and their kids. However, having had a glimpse of the Carolinas, we can’t wait to go back and explore some more.

Exploration #5

Wondering what we did each day? Check out our exploration vlog with all of our adventures.

Come back soon! Next week we will be sharing our favorite tips for road tripping with a toddler! In the meantime, get out and explore!

How to Escape to Island Park, Idaho

How to Escape to Island Park, Idaho

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Adventures Around Island Park, Idaho

Adventures Around Island Park, Idaho

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Free and Inexpensive To Dos for Family Travel on the Oregon Coast

Free and Inexpensive To Dos for Family Travel on the Oregon Coast

Last week we shared our highlight video from our trip to the Oregon Coast. Since we are all about inspiring AND helping you for your own adventures, below you will find details to make planning your trip to the Oregon Coast a little easier.

Where to Stay

The Oregon Coast is chock full of places to stay. I’ve seen a range from rooms for one person, to homes that will sleep multiple families. There were 23 in our group so we needed the latter, leading us to find the Sunset Bay beach house in Lincoln City. We enjoyed easy access to Lincoln City Beach, the ocean views, and lots of space for our energetic family.

If you plan far enough in advance, there should be no problem finding a place to stay that fits your budget and needs. To search for unique places to rest your head, try searching through AirbnbVRBO, or Home Away. These are just three of many websites out there that give people the chance to rent out their extra space or property. Prices are reasonable and it is so convenient to be able to stay in homes.  However, if that isn’t your thing, you can also find a great list of more traditional places to stay in Lincoln City on this website.

What to Do

We were traveling with a big family with a variety of ages and abilities, so the things we did had to fall under the following criteria: free/inexpensive, simple, and fun! Most of our outings were also within a 30 minute drive from where we were staying, making for easy access (not to mention a beautiful drive).

One side tip before we get to the good stuff, the winding roads on the coast did cause some upset stomachs, especially for those prone to car sickness. Kyle’s sister introduced us to the wonderful thing that is Dramamine, for kids and adults. After cleaning up way to many car throw ups this summer, this was a game changer! Take your dose a half an hour before hitting the road to help alleviate motion sickness. And now that you have prepared to prevent car sickness, on to what to do!


Hike the Munson Creek Falls Trail

If you are looking for a short hike that will be doable for little legs, this it the trail! The hike itself is only about a half mile long, with little elevation change. The end of the trail is currently blocked off, which means you have to take in the falls from a short distance. But as it is the area’s tallest waterfall, you can still get a great view of the towering falls. On the way out, check out the hollow tree located next to the entrance of the parking lot. The kids in our family burned some of their energy climbing and playing in their “tree fort”.


Sample Cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory

If you are a fan of Tillamook Cheese, or cheese in general, this is a fun pit stop that will give you insight the factory and fill your stomach. Our group visited the temporary visitors center as construction is currently underway for a new visitors center. The new center will open in 2018. Rosalie loved the cows in the dairy farm exhibit, while Kyle and I enjoyed sampling their ample cheeses. There is also a cafe that is quite possibly a dairy lover’s dream. Hello giant ice cream cones and gourmet mac and cheese!


Learn the History of the Cape Meares Lighthouse and Octopus Tree

Proudly standing the edge of the coast, the Cape Meares Lighthouse The lighthouse is open daily for free tours to give insight into the functioning and history of the lighthouse. For safety reasons, children under 5 are not allowed into the lighthouse tower for the tour. The tour was fast enough that we could switch off who was hanging with the kids and everyone who wanted to could get a tour. While you’re waiting, enjoy the stunning view of the coast and make sure to look for whales!

A short walk inland from the lighthouse, you will find an unusually shaped Sitka spruce tree. According to local historians, this tree was shaped in Coastal Tribe tradition when the tree was young, then allowed to grow. The tree was a place for tribal rites and ceremonies, and has been deemed one of the modern Wonders of the World.

Parking fills up quickly, so it is best to get there early or plan for some extra time waiting for a spot to open.


Search Tide Pools at Cobble Beach

At low tide, Cobble Beach in the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area reveals numerous rocky tidepools filled with all sorts of sea life. In the time we were there, we found starfish, muscles, barnacles, anemones, crabs, and urchins in the tide pools. Outside of the tide pools, we were able to see seals lounging on their rocks and birds in search of their next meal. However, our favorite part of this stop was being able to see the blowing water from grey whales as we stood on the outlook next to Yaquina Lighthouse.

Savor Seafood at Newport Chowder Bowl

No trip to the coast would be complete without some delicious seafood. Newport Chowder Bowl definitely delivered. It is reasonably priced, has all of the classic coastal dishes, and able was able to serve our large group with ease. It was here Rosalie had her first taste of calamari. And she LOVED it! I wish I would have caught on film because she was hilariously fascinated by the little tentacles as she ate them. After eating, walk off your food coma around the nearby shops in Newport. It is a nautical lover’s paradise! There are also several sweets shops which served as the perfect cap to a delicious meal.



Catch a Fresh Crab Dinner

Though there are many places you could go to catch crab, we chose to get help from Dock of the Bay. This company does it all; the boat rental, providing the crabbing supplies, and they even cook the crab for you! For someone who knew little of the ins and outs of crabbing, this company was a great fit for our needs.  We split the cost of the boat with Kyle’s brother, which made it completely reasonable. Before you go, make sure to get a licence to catch crabs. Anyone over 12 must have a license and keep it with them when going crabbing.

Captain Dan’s Pirate Pastry

If you like pirates and freshly baked treats, Captain Dan’s Pirate Pastry is the wonderful combination of the two. Stepping into the elaborately true to theme decorated shop, you will find sweets from uniquely flavored turnovers to decorated ocean creature sugar cookies.  It also made for a great bribe to get all the kids in our family smiling for a family picture.


Beach Time

The Oregon Coast has no shortage of beaches. Sure, the weather along the coast is cool, but that didn’t stop us from making sandcastles and splashing in the waves. You can do other things, too! Go on a run, meditate to the sound of waves, have a picnic, search for driftwood, build a mallow roasting fire, or take family pictures. All free and easy to do with your family.



Drift Creek Falls Trail

As a three mile round trip hike with mild ups and downs, this hike is on the challenging end for little legs. But still completely doable! Our favorite part; the trail ends with flair through a suspension bridge providing a great view of the falls. Don’t be put off by fear of heights, the bridge is well built to prevent any problems while crossing.

What do you like to do?

We had a wonderful time on the Oregon Coast, and we hope these ideas will help you have a great time, too! Can you believe we have barely scratched the surface of what there is to do? That has us crossing our fingers for another Frederiksen family gathering here so we can explore some more! In the comments, let us know what is your favorite thing to do on the Oregon Coast.

Big Family Adventures on the Oregon Coast

Big Family Adventures on the Oregon Coast

Every other year, the Frederiksen side bunks together in one house for a big family reunion. And when I say big, there are eleven adults and twelve kids ranging from 0 to 13 years old. The house is bursting at the seams! It is loud, […]