Our Mission

Creating a blog dedicated to adventure is something I’ve been dreaming about for years. When Kyle and I first got married, I started a family blog, like so many of our friends, mostly meant to keep in contact with those we didn’t live near. But I found myself mostly putting effort into writing those posts that included travel or local explorations. I loved the creative outlet, that it provided me a way to remember what I had been up to, and inspired me to continue those ventures.

Fast forward to this year, we’ve moved several times, traveled together on four continents, and we have a number of exciting things coming our way. We’ve learned how to find the best deals. We have figured out how to travel with a child. We have our adventuring down to a system.  It is time to move from just writing for close friends and family. It’s time for the dream to become a reality.

As we were deciding on a name for this venture, we wanted to pick something that truly represented who we are and what we stand for. After months of brainstorming, and countless names discussed and discarded, we concluded that The Drive to Explore was an excellent representation of what we want to share with our readers. Allow us to explain…

Why “The Drive”?

This part actually works twofold. First, most of our adventuring has been done while driving from place to place. We’ve seen a good chunk of the United States out of the window of a car, not to mention the countries we have viewed via bus or campervan.  We plan to continue driving to and through a number of different locations throughout the next year, which we can’t wait to share!

Second, the definition of drive depicts a propelling forward and strong desire, both of which describe how we feel about exploring. We feel the drive…

  • To make adventure happen
  • To grow closer as a family
  • To explore new places
  • To experience new cultures
  • To try new food
  • To look outside ourselves
  • To learn about the miraculous earth
  • To teach our daughter that the world is vast, wonder-filled, incredible, and diverse.


Not a Normal Travel Blog

Think about the word travel. What comes to mind? I’m guessing it involves a flight, hotel, and an interesting destination. While that concept of travel is one of my favorite things, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to posting about that. Because, interesting destinations are not just limited to places you have to fly to, they can be right in your area.

Having lived in five states over the last six years, our favorite word has become explore.  When we lived in Utah, the mountains were a short drive away, meaning we were able to easily go hiking and camping. Our time in Arkansas was marked by our search for the most delicious barbecue. While living in Minnesota, we got to enjoy the top notch museums, theater, and sports teams. Indiana introduced us to local traditions like the Indy Mini Marathon and the Mini 500 Cycle Race. In Ohio, we enjoyed the delicious local food, amazing parks, and architecture.

Each of these locations were new to us, so they required us to investigate what was there, and most importantly, find out what we loved about that location. In each location, The Drive to Explore made our transition easier and filled our lives with adventure.

The Drive to Explore Mission

Our mission is to provide our readers with the inspiration, tools, and

knowledge to explore often while doing so comfortably, wisely, and as inexpensively as possible.

What to Expect from Us

The Drive to Explore will be different than the majority of travel related blogs. Many of those are created by full time travelers, and though we would love to have that opportunity someday, that is just not possible with our current situation. However, this is probably the case with a majority of people. We have our school, jobs, recreational activities, responsibilities, friends, and family that we aren’t ready or able to give up for a life on the road.

This is where we come in. Even with our set schedules, we have still been able to explore. Most months we have some destination we visit. Most often it is a place within driving distance; a museum, a nearby city, or national/state park. And sometimes a flight is required. But no matter where we go, it is always within budget, thoroughly researched, and an exciting destination.

All that being said, as this blog progresses, we will be compiling our adventuring into an Explorer Journal. Weekly posts will share memories from our explorations, itineraries, and highlight vlogs, methods on how to prepare for explorations, and tips for while you are on the road.

Explore On!

We are thrilled to be able to share something so important to our family, in hopes that it will help you to be able to experience the joy that comes from exploring. Comment below with how exploring has brightened your life! Then get out there and explore some more!