Meet the Frederiksens

Hello there! We’re the Frederiksens!

It’s pretty obvious that we like to explore. Here are some things that you may not know about us:

Kyle and Jeneca were set up on a blind date back in 2010, and married a year and a half later. So, blind dates sometimes do work out!

Since getting married, we’ve lived in 5 of the United States; Utah, Arkansas, Minnesota, Indiana, and Ohio. That has allowed us to have a good starting points from which to visit the majority of the States.


Kyle is currently getting his MBA, emphasizing in marketing and entrepreneurship. He will be graduating spring 2018!

Kyle has an uncanny ability to find deals and discounts. Whether it be tickets to a theater production, or flights around the world; if there is a deal, he will find it.

Kyle is also an avid runner, sports fan (especially for Boise State football), and active outdoors man.


Jeneca has danced since birth, and taken classes since she was 5. When at university, she still couldn’t give it up, so she studied Dance Education. She is now the director and a teacher at a local dance studio.

Jeneca has a tendency to get unusual injuries. She’s broken her own nose with her knee, broken several toes by getting them caught in opening doors or running down stairs (trying to catch a falling Rosalie), pulled her diaphragm from coughing while sick, and pinched a nerve in her foot while taking family pictures (spit up emergency). She has rarely gotten hurt while dancing, just weird accidents.

Jeneca loves anything that involves creating or artistry; cooking and baking, sewing, interior decorating, photography, and writing.


Rosalie is our miracle baby. We had to wait almost three long years before she joined our family. Even in the womb, Rosalie wanted to be like her mom, and danced her way into the splits, as well as being breech. We are grateful everyday that Rosalie arrived safely and that she is ours.

Rosalie is a social butterfly. She will say hi and wave to almost anyone she meets. Her unconditional acceptance and kindness is admirable.

Rosalie loves anything that involves dancing, singing, dressing up, princesses, animals, or water. If she had a choice, she would be a mermaid princess with a fish for a best friend. Sound familiar? I should mention that her best friend is Ariel.