Looking Back to Backpacking to Havasu Falls

Looking Back to Backpacking to Havasu Falls

As we are preparing for our three months on the road, we unfortunately don’t have much time to do exploring. Time that isn’t consumed with work, school, and raising a toddler is used planning our itinerary, preparing to move all our belongings, decide on housing for when we return, and a host of other little details. This trip will be incredible, but it is no small undertaking.

Pre-Drive to Explore

All that said, we thought we would look back to some of our favorite adventures that happened before we began The Drive to Explore. To start off, today we are sharing a video from a very special trip from two years ago. To give a little background… I grew up in a family that loved to go backpacking. We spent most of our time exploring the trails in Utah as well as an adventure in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. But after seeing a picture of a turquoise colored waterfall surrounded by red rocks, my parents knew where our next backpack would be.  The 10 mile trek in to see Havasu Falls.

The Video That Started It All

With 10 “videographers” along the trail, we had so much footage of us that after we got home, I decided I wanted to try out editing together. It was a long process figuring out the editing program and how I wanted it to flow. But once I got that, this video was the impetus that started my hobby of creating highlight videos from our trips. The original cut of this video was slightly different because my family helped to narrate it and we have added in our typical logos, but everything else is a first timer’s cut.

Reservations Open Soon!

We also choose to share this now because reservations to backpack in open February 1st at 8:00 am Arizona Time. Reservations are limited and difficult to acquire, so if this is something on your explore list, have your alarm set and be flexible with when you are available. For more information on how to reserve your trip to Havasu Falls, visit the Havasupai Tribe’s official site.

Where’s Rosalie?

At the time, Rosalie was 8 months old, and we did consider bringing her. However, we decided that we would have more fun for us and her if she were to stay with a family member while we took the trek. It was a wise decision. It was possible, but she wouldn’t have been happy in a carrier for the length of time we were hiking.

At the time I was still nursing her, which meant we had to be strategic with how we prepared. During the months before, I pumped and saved 90 oz of breast milk. This was then transported frozen from where we lived to where we meet my family. Rosalie used that as her food supply and I then pumped at my regular nursing time while on the trip. It added an extra thing to do, and the pump added weight to my pack, but it was totally doable. Nursing moms can go on adventures! I can write more in depth about this is someone is interested. Let me know in the comments.

Next Week

This trip is still one of our favorite explorations to date. The pictures may be beautiful, but experiencing it in person is so much more impressive and impactful. This is one of those places that is too amazing to forget. Check back next week when we share all our tips and tricks to having a successful trip to Havasu Falls.