Looking Back on 2017 – A Special Announcement for 2018!

Looking Back on 2017 – A Special Announcement for 2018!

A Second a Day

This year I have been working on a project where I take one second of video each day. At the end of each month, I then combine the clips to create a video journal montage. Each second recorded acts as a reminder of something that we want to remember from that day. It could be the smallest of things, or something much more significant.

2017 was one of those years that seemed to end as soon as it began, so it is wonderful to be able to have a visual reminder of what has happened. From this project we can watch Rosalie’s development from baby to toddler, remember our move to Ohio for Kyle’s internship with P&G, feel the heartbreak of a miscarriage, get nervous about creating The Drive to Explore, reminisce on a handful of trips and lots of explorations, and enjoy the memories of many more special moments.

Special Announcement!

Looking forward, 2018 is bound to be another wonderfully exciting and exhausting year. We have been hinting towards an opportunity in our future, and now it is time to let you in on our secret. But first, some background to provide context.

When Kyle and I were deciding what university was right for our family and Kyle’s MBA studies, an important part of that decision was if the school had an international study program. We decided on Indiana University for a number of reasons, one of which was the opportunity to go on a study abroad. About 6 months ago, Kyle was accepted into the study abroad program, and assigned a university in Australia. We were planning on leaving for the land down under in March, but a couple weeks ago we got an unexpected surprise.

When talking to his MBA counselor, Kyle was told he had enough credits to graduate a term early. This meant that the study abroad was no longer necessary for him to graduate. After talking it through, we decided that instead of doing a study abroad, we would just go abroad! 

What this Means

Starting in March, we will be leaving Indiana behind to explore as much as we can before Kyle begins his post-MBA job. During those three to four months, our plans include road trips across several countries, hiking mountains, watching sunrises, searching for new-to-us animals, enjoying delicious food, meeting new friends, and getting to know more about our amazing world!

Stay tuned over the next couple months as we prepare to go as we will reveal our destination and share our packing process. While we are exploring, we will be sharing our favorite things about each location, tricks to stretching your money, and of course, how we are able to go on adventures with an energetic toddler. Follow along through our YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, and of course, this blog.

We can’t wait to share our experiences with you! Until then, Happy New Year from our family to you!

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