Our Favorite Explorer Secret: Taking Opportunities

Our Favorite Explorer Secret: Taking Opportunities

The chance to explore a new place or travel to an exciting destination doesn’t always fall into your lap. But sometimes, it is looming right in front of you, waiting for you to reach out and grab it.

Foshay Tower in Minneapolis, Minnesota Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana 

Our Opportunities

If I look through every place we’ve explored, it usually has come about because of something already going on in our lives. We just chose to take advantage of an opportunity. While studying dance education at BYU, I received a scholarship to perform and teach at a dance conference in Jamaica. Soon after we met, to gain international development experience for his undergraduate degree, Kyle lived in Uganda for a summer while working with HELP International. I later joined a dance company which toured through India; Kyle came along as a part of the tech crew.  We had some of our best friends move to Barcelona, so we took a trip out to visit them. Since being married, we have lived in Utah, Arkansas, Minnesota, Indiana, and now Ohio. All of those moves to different states were based around university programs or new job opportunities.

Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, India Boating on the Nile River in Uganda Barcelona Cathedral in Barcelona, Spain

I mention some of our ventures not to brag about where we’ve been, but to illustrate that we took advantage of things that were happening within the normal frame of our lives. I realize that opportunities like this are not the case for everyone, and that not everyone wants to participate in these sort of ventures. And that is just fine. But my point is, if you are looking for adventure, use the things you are already involved in to explore more.

What are you involved in?

So, think through what is already going on in your life… Do you have a business trip coming up? Do you need to participate in some professional development or update the license or certification for your job? Does the company you work for have international locations? Are you involved with a club, team, or in my case, dance company, that will be doing a tour or traveling for events? Are you going to be getting a new job which will require a move? Are you headed to a trade school, college, or university to study? Is there exchange student or study abroad programs associated with your schooling? Is a close friend or family member getting married? Have good friends moved to a new location? Is there a family event happening that will require you to travel?

Each of the questions I’ve mentioned are ways that we have gotten to see the world. I think this is the case for many people who seem to be traveling so frequently. They may just be taking advantage of opportunities. To be transparent, some of the opportunities took a lot of preparation and saving up necessary funds, like Kyle’s experience in Uganda. Many of them, like business trips or traveling to see friends, didn’t require much at all. And while moving to a new location does require a large amount of time and effort, once we are settled, getting out to see our new area is fairly simple. But, to be clear, all of our experiences have been well worth whatever amount of effort we’ve put into them.

Now that you know the secret behind much of our exploring, check out how to find inexpensive flights here. And stay tuned for future posts so that we can help you take advantage of your opportunities in the most inexpensive way possible.

Near or far, as long as it gets you to a place you haven’t been, there is an opportunity to explore.