Cincinnati with a Kid

Cincinnati with a Kid

We moved to Cincinnati a month and a half ago for Kyle to do a Summer internship. While we’ve been here, we have taken the opportunity to get to know the city. Of course, having a kid does make our exploring pretty specific to what we are able to do. What we were excited to find, is there are so many exciting things to do in Cincinnati with kids! All that said, we would like to share with you, our favorite things that we have done with Rosalie in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo was such a fun visit for our family! We were impressed to see a good variety of animals, exhibits, animal encounters, and we also really enjoyed how shaded the walkways were. Rosalie, of course loved seeing the animals and would exclaim their name and wave enthusiastically at each of them. Tickets are less expensive if bought online before you go, and children under two are free!

Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore

This location was recommended to us from Kyle’s co-worker. This charming little bookstore always has something going on. Story time, book inspired events, author meet ups, and more! Click here for their most updated schedule of events. No purchase necessary to participate, but it will be hard to resist the wide variety of books they have there.

Cincinnati Art Museum

I’m a big advocate for arts education so you better believe that I take my daughter to art museums. Even if they are young, kids can still appreciate the works of art. Sometimes all it takes is finding a way to make it relevant to them. Since Rosie is a toddler, I like to talk to her about what colors, shapes, animals, or people she sees. I think the Cincinnati Art Museum gets this, too. They have frequent events for children as well as the Rosenthal Education Center where children can have a hands on art experience as well as create their own pieces of art with prompts that will stretch their creativity. Rosalie was a fan! And we are even more so since admission to the museum is free!

Duke Energy Children’s Museum

Located in the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Children’s Museum is all about hands on learning experiences. We particularly liked the Little Sprouts Farm that is like a carpeted playground for kids ages four and under. Rosie was also quite excited about Kids’ Town, an exhibit set up like a little city with grocery stores, doctors offices, a diner, and other businesses, but in kid size. There are many other fun and educational exhibits, and we thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Admission for kids under 1 is free, and a decent price for what you get for kids under 12.

Parks and Splash Pads

If there is one thing I’m going to take away from this summer, it’s that Cincinnati knows how to do parks, and how do them well. During our time here we visited many, and they were all so much fun! Best part, they are all free! Here are our favorites:

Ault Park is located closest to where we are staying in Hyde Park. It has a handful of good walking trails, a great shaded playground, and beautiful gardens. We loved having picnics and quiet evenings there.

Washington Park is located in downtown Cincinnati. It has recently been revamped to include a splash pad, dog park, an imaginative playground that includes a castle and ship, as well as an amphitheater, and grassy area that hosts exercise classes. I recommend stopping by Gomez Salsa for a turtle before visiting the park for a complete visit.


Smale Riverfront Park is at the very edge of Cincinnati’s downtown. This park has a few different unique splash pads, carousel, giant keyboard and chess board, gardens, playground, and pathways. You also get a great view of the Ohio River and Kentucky on the other side.

Great American Ball Park

Kyle is a big sports fan, so visiting the home of the Cincinnati Reds, the first baseball team, was a must do. Enjoy some peanuts, crackerjacks, and maybe some Graeter’s Ice Cream as you sit back and enjoy a game. You can find tickets for as low as $5, depending on the night, so can be a great and inexpensive family activity.

Newport Aquarium

Last, but definitely not least, for a little girl who loves anything involving fish, this has been our most frequent and favorite place to visit. Though technically not located in Cincinnati or Ohio, the Newport Aquarium is only a short two minute drive across the Ohio River into Newport, Kentucky. After realizing that the annual pass is less than the cost of two day passes, and kids two and under are free, we went for the annual pass, and have gone every single week. Rosalie can now tell you what almost all of the aquatic creatures are that are at the aquarium, requests to walk on their shark bridge over and over again, and can’t get enough of touching sharks, starfish, and stingrays.

What’s in Your City?

If you are near Cincinnati or planning a trip there, definitely check out any of these locations. We had a blast exploring them. If you aren’t in Cincinnati, here’s the thing, cities all over the world have fun things to do with your kids. It’s summer time, and your kids are home more. Take some time to try out something new in your area! Your kids will thank you, and you will hopefully have some fun, too. Enjoy your exploring!