Highlighting Australia and New Zealand

Highlighting Australia and New Zealand

This is one of those travels that seemed to just fall into place. Let me explain… about a year ago, we were on the hunt for a grand adventure. We set an amount of money that we would budget for this trip, and decided on a time period where we would like to travel. We had already made our To Explore List of places we wanted to visit, and so we put out our feelers to find flights to any of the locations on that list.

No more than a week later $350 round trip tickets to Sydney, Australia popped up. Within the hour we had purchased them and had already started planning our travel. With under two months to plan an almost three week trip, there was a lot to consider, and soon our trip also included a week and a half excursion to the North Island of New Zealand.

Australia and New Zealand Highlights

Interested in the route we followed? Check out our Australia and New Zealand Itinerary! In the meantime, watch our trip highlights here or on our YouTube channel The Drive to Explore.

Check back soon! We will be posting more highlight videos, itineraries, and tips for travel for lots of other locations!